Yiwen Hu
My work is inspired by numerous factors, most notably my own emotions and feelings. I believe that thoughts and feelings are fundamental to any artist because they form the foundation of their creativity. My background knowledge in fashion design, and hobby in interior design, home furnishing has also enhanced my artistic skills. I employ painting, fabric collages,layering, and various media in an abstract style to create dimensional and narrative ambiguity. Guided by my feelings, I choose the fabric for most of my canvases myself. Although I select materials of different color, texture, and thickness for my work. The unique fabric features generate canvases of varying colors, shadows, and thickness of the pigments. Such paintings allow viewers to enjoy a peaceful visual experience. Overall, creating art serves as an outlet for my feelings and allows me to reflect on my thoughts.

My work is not only to express myself   but also to connect to others' emotions. I endeavor to establish a relationship between perception and abstraction, subconscious with subjective experience,inner heart to outside feeling. This connection allows viewers to enter my paintings as a visual space that appeals to their emotions. I hope that my works will be seen by my audience as an avenue to a dreamworld since they express optimism towards life. Painting inspires me, and I hope to touch many lives through the practice.

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