Tiffany Gutierrez

Hello, my name is Tiffany Gutierrez. I’m a painter with a BFA in Fine Art. I was born in Shizuoka Ken, Gotemba Shi, Japan, in the year 1997. I come from a mixed-race background. My mother is indigenous Peruvian, and my father is Japanese and Brazilian. However, I grew up more in tune with my Latin side considering I’ve only grown up with my mother in a singleparent household. Growing up as an only child and with a single mother made me appreciate my life because I learned from the struggles, she and I had that made me a stronger person. In addition, I focus on my personal stories and express them in my work. My interests rely on sensuality, erotica, and femineity.

Living in a diverse family also had its difficulties when it came to the female body. As I grew, I was always told to “cover myself” by my family and people within the neighborhood. Comments such as “you’ll get sick,” “men are watching,” and “you will get jumped and raped” are all too familiar. Ironically enough, being androgynous did not help either. My judgmental family member told me to either wear skirts or dresses to not look like a lesbian. Luckily, my mother was like me in both humor and masculine and feminine energy, so I never felt like a stranger in my own home.

Patriarchy in Latin America and Asia exaggerates specific standards regarding women’s appearances and behavior in such an oppressive way that it can divorce them from their sexuality. I aim to inspire my female audience through my work and these stories about censorship and desirability.