Sydney Busic

The forms depicted in my paintings and drawings include representations of figures that are manipulated and contorted through perspectival tools that allow the body to come forth and recede into the canvases. Grotesquely foreshortened fragments of painted flesh lurch out from the canvas displaying muscle and splayed feet, while entire figures are reduced to recoiled forms that radiate through voids of black paint.

From one work to another, the painted bodies become violent and terror stricken. Through these improvisational sites, the body compliments, reflects, and responds to itself. The work does not try to make sense of the self, but rather lends itself to the complexity of the self as it is represented through a body. The paintings depict the tension between the self as it is grounded in a body while simultaneously being dissociated from it. Through the experience of seeing the painted figures, it is intended that the viewer is able to viscerally recognize how it would feel to assume the gesture of the figure in question.

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