So... Any plans after graduation??
What do you even do after school's out??
Find a job doing what you love or just to survive.
Travel for your own leisure, business, or due to other circumstances.
Race towards your goals or take it nice and slow since you already know that you'll get there.
Meet as many new faces as possible or keep a tight circuit of them.
Have a family of your own or fuck that and enjoy being single or have a partner with no kids.
Get a dog, a horse, a snake, a hedgehog, or a nice turtle.
Go to concerts, movie premieres, comedy shows, a friends show, support movements or stay in
reading a good book, binge your favorite shows or films, work on your art or yourself.
Your path is set for you, or you'll make it up as you go.
Leave what you've known behind, go off the radar, or stay close and KEEP IN TOUCH, thrive in what you know.
If you don't know what to do, here are some ideas.
If you do have a plan, well here are some options anyways:

So… Any plans after graduation??
March 7th - 13th, 2021

With a series of acrylic paintings and `photographic images I'll represent
some of the possibilities that the future may hold in our lives along with some internal feelings that accompany these ideas.
When I was 17 years old, I signed up to join the military to get away from all I know and to travel more. During my service between 2011 - 2019 I traveled a lot. Some soldiers have a hard time when getting orders to relocate or getting shipped overseas
but by then I was used to it. In my childhood I remember moving a lot whether it was back and forth between old homes or to a
new place altogether, I have memories of being on lots of roadsLooking through the glass at the world in wonder and thinking of what lies ahead when we get to our destination??

- Moon