Gena Smith

Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist, Gena Rynae Smith, has spent the last few years fine tuning her artmaking skills. As an excruciatingly shy child, she would use her art to express herself while also coping with the death of her father and grandfather. Raised in Chesapeake, VA, Gena used her lived experiences along with storytelling to influence her works subject matter. In her work she tackles issues of agency, loss, and a desire for change.  Memory continues to me the glue that holds all of her pieces together. Her grandfather was a farmer who taught her about the land and that is where she felt a deep connection to plants and the earth. As an artist she wanted to reduce the waste in the world instead of contributing to it, how she did this was with tackling textile or clothing waste. Quilting was a skill she recently began to explore again as a historical tie to her enslaved ancestors. She wanted to understand what it would have been like to make a quilt with only the material she was give and that is exactly what she did. Every tapestry carries a hand quilted frame created specifically for each piece as a way to symbolize care and comfort towards the subjects. Gena has had her work exhibited all over Los Angeles.

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