erick cortes

I am erick cortes. I am a photo-based artist. I take photos and I take photos.

From family to online and public archives, to undeveloped film found in forgotten kodak point-and-shoots, or from cameras found in thrift stores, my practice is as much about what I make as what I’m looking at.
I love the camera because of its capacity to capture what was there. A tool for documenting history. History of the light read by the camera, and in some instances, actual historic proof of what happened. This interest in history is another facet of my practice. History as it relates to my person, the communities I find myself in, and society at large. How does history, while always changing and revealing itself to us, inform our present? And what is our role in this history, if any? What does truth mean? A lot of what I do is an attempt to answer these questions. Therefore, just as important as the beauty that a camera can capture is the purpose of what is being captured.

Lastly, I am also interested in using found or recycled materials in place of traditional, archival ones such as cardboard or scrap pieces of plywood.

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