amoura gonzalez 

My days on the Internet feel limited. Intertwined with my hard drive and the Sims, the external part of me is trying to pull the cord. The world around me is changing, and I have to stay inside. I can't stop the feeling that overwhelms me. I am trapped in the Panic zone, a place where the gold shines through my smile. Sun kisses layered with smog, people yell I love it! But when I turn the corner it's never the same. At the corner of constant & never ending, Buildings get larger. My Favorite lakes are all man-made, I dream to buy a house but I can't do it without selling an arm and a leg. When I get off zoom school and take a drive in my car, I can't go anywhere. Endless lanes of bumper to bumper cars and clown horns going off, I look into the distance, but I can't see much past the gentrification. Traffic doesn't just hold my car up, the gears in my mind junk up. I just hope they didn't shut down the freeway for another musical.

Amoura Gonzalez is an artist based in Los Angeles where they investigate space, time, life and the emotional aspect of Los Angeles as the artist has experienced it. Enter the Digital Lodge to view the videos as a preview into this portal of another realm.

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